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Keeping Your Property With Assistance From A Bankruptcy Attorney

Generally, people are most worried about what will happen to their home, their car and their retirement accounts. Call us at 505-633-8723 to discuss keeping these during and after a bankruptcy filing.

Your Home

  • One of the first questions most clients ask is whether they will be able to keep their family home. Worrying about losing their home in consumer bankruptcy or foreclosure is foremost on most people’s minds. Being forced to move in the midst of all of the other stresses you are facing causes many other problems and greatly affects the entire family.
  • Keeping your home means that your children can stay in their same school. It helps the family maintain stability in the midst of a difficult time. Whether you are able to remain in and keep your home are determined by the laws in New Mexico and the federal Bankruptcy Code.
  • We will review how much you owe on your home, what it is worth, whether or not it is already in foreclosure and your marital status. In light of these and other financial factors and ratios we can recommend the best course of action that the bankruptcy judge is likely to approve.

Your Car

  • Being able to keep a car might be the difference between keeping or losing your job or bringing your children to school every day. Losing your vehicle could make your already dire situation much worse.
  • Whether you can keep your car depends upon your individual financial circumstances and under which provision or bankruptcy chapter you file. We will investigate every possibility to help you keep your car.

Your Savings And Retirement

  • The amount of money you have in savings or retirement, the types of accounts the funds are placed into, who owns the accounts — along with many other factors — determine whether or how much of your savings you can keep after the bankruptcy.
  • A bankruptcy judge could order that available funds be used to pay creditors in certain cases.

Contact an Albuquerque lawyer at Affordable Law, PC, for a free consultation about protecting your assets at 505-633-8723.

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