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Things To Know About Foreclosure In New Mexico

Foreclosure is a devastating experience for many people around the country and in New Mexico. Whether you are going through a bank or government foreclosure, the feeling of loss can be overwhelming. If you are experiencing government or bank foreclosure in New Mexico, at Affordable Law, PC, we are your foreclosure lawyers who can help.

Unfortunately, bank foreclosures are more commonplace now than they have ever been. That means more families have been uprooted from their place of safety and comfort. When your home is in the process of foreclosure, know:

  • There are laws that govern the fair practices of home foreclosure in New Mexico
  • That sometimes, the predatory practices of the lending company contributed to the situation
  • That we can help you fight for your ability to stay in your home

Fight back against bank or government foreclosure with our help today.

What You Can Do When Going Through Government Or Bank Foreclosure

If you are going through a bank or government foreclosure in New Mexico, we can help. We can:

  • Evaluate your case to see if your lender violated any of the terms of the agreement.
  • Answer the foreclosure letter and attempt to refinance your home.
  • Respond to arguments that your lender is using against you.

Contact us as soon as you receive your foreclosure letter from the bank or lender. The sooner we can evaluate your case, the sooner we can start fighting for you. Call 505-633-8723 or complete our online contact form.